Tuesday, October 14, 2014

PechaKucha 20 x 20 x 20

I have wanted to attend one of these events for the longest time! PechaKucha, the closest clue I can give you to the pronunciation is "p'chakcha," said quickly with the "k" barely heard, is an evening of speakers where each speaker has 20 slides and 20 minutes to share a topic. As this was the 20th such presentation in Dayton, this was labeled 20 x 20 x 20 and included a video greeting from the two architects in Japan that founded PechaKucha.

The location changes; this one was at K-12 Gallery and TEHAS' new space. Below are partial views of the art going up on their new building. These photos are just two sections of a mural that is two plus stories high and wraps around two sides of a corner building.  I love driving by, watching these unfolding, and being inspired by the art. Dayton brims with creativity!

"Creative vision" is just right as a reflection of Dayton.

Gorgeous portrait work and perfect symbols.

 The program listed four speakers, then a break for refreshments and discussion, followed by four more speakers. People are passionate about very diverse things. Tonight I learned about hair art, sculpture, being a city planner, drone photography, and one woman's journey from no make-up and dressing casually, to polished professional, to being comfortable with both and knowing that her children find her beautiful both ways. The final speaker was so upbeat and hopeful about life and its possibilities that the crowd kind of floated as they left.

All told, I loved it! PechaKucha is available in many cities. Click here to visit the main site and check for an event near you. If none are close, maybe you can start one!

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