Friday, May 27, 2011

Sage, Not Mint

This is my Prius, the first car I ever bought on my own. The first car I ever bought for me. The first car I ever bought based on what I want. And it was definitely a sensuously sixty experience. Pure delight.

When the ex and I were dating in high school, every once in a while, he would be allowed to drive his mother’s car, a sweet 1967 mint green Malibu convertible. One of my favorite date memories is riding, top down, on a starry summer night after one of the invitation-only dances held in a summer pavilion in a private community.  I can recall the feeling of driving along those mountain roads, relaxed, pleasantly tired from dancing, happy, nothing but tree tops swaying in the wind, crystal clear skies, and one another.

We were very poor for a very long time after we married but I promised myself that one day I would find a 1967 Malibu convertible and have it restored as a gift for him. I had several contacts in the car restoration community who promised to call me when they found one. I dreamt of us riding around in that car, top down, celebrating a well-lived life. One of the rewards of growing old together.

Well, that was not to be. One of many dreams that I did not realize meant something only to me, not to “us.” But, you know, it gets boring feeling sad about stuff like that. One day you start thinking; hey what about buying something that would make me happy? What about something to make new memories?

So when I decided to look for a hybrid, I found myself telling the car salesman I wanted a green car. Period. It had to be green. I had already decided to buy a used car, (thank you Clark Howard!) but was surprised to hear myself say green only. I was not in a hurry and I was willing to wait for what I wanted. My car salesman, a young man named Todd, patiently explained to me that used Prius were hard to come by and usually sold within twenty-four hours of reaching the lot. Most people are happy to just find one. I said okay just call me when you get a green one. When one came in a few days later, he called me, laughing, saying I can’t believe it but I’ve got one. When I saw the car I understood why it had to be green.

This is my Malibu convertible. It is a gorgeous green; most of my friends describe it as sage. Sage is an important word in my life. The color is my favorite. I love cooking with the herb. And I am surrounded with sage artists, healers, and creators; old souls.
My Prius, now named Sage, is not flashy, is not sexy, and is not imbued with old memories.

It is expectant. It is poised for new dreams, new explorations, and new experiences. I’m looking forward, not back. And every single cell in my body is dancing with the possibilities. 


  1. Yay! Enjoy that new, just-for-you, car!

  2. Thanks Linda, the 49 mpg is feeling pretty good too! It's been a long journey to this point and I'm glad to be here.

  3. I just found you via Susan Twiet's blog. I was taken with your blog title and your "About Me" paragraph since I'm 58.5 and not where I expected to be.

    Are you an EmmyLou Harris fan? She talked about this in a recent NPR interview. Some of her latest album is devoted to the theme, I gather. I haven't ordered it yet.

  4. Linda, welcome to Sensuously Sixty! There are so many of us in places we didn't expect to be. I've struggled with healing and am beginning to see the fruits of that struggle. I want to share this journey with other women, to encourage us all to be our most creative selves, to embrace the possibilities that are unfolding. I'm glad you are here and look forward to your comments.

    Susan Tweit's blog, Walking Nature Home, is listed on my blog roll at right because I find her amazing. She's a wonderful writer, observer of nature, and a phenomenal woman.

    Thanks for the tip about Emmylou, am off to google YouTube now!

  5. Hi Judy, what a great blog piece. Love the car. After cleaning my home yesterday I decided to smudge stick it. Yep, you guessed it the smudge stick was made from sage, apparently the women's cleansing herb for such occasions!

  6. Delightful to hear from you here Georgina! I was in a discount store on Sunday and found a metal cut out sign spelling out s-a-g-e. I bought it and popped it in my front garden. I don't have any sage growing out there; it's all in pots on my deck. It's to let folks to know a sage lives here! You've also inspired me to have another whack at letting go of some more "stuff."

    I've been following your women's journaling workshops, so creative!