Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Storm Body

Judy Abrahamson (writing)

Refreshing, caressing
Blowing acceptance over naked skin
Lightning overhead, surf below
Healing coolness all around
I am at peace
My body is my own.

Judy Abrahamson

I met this poet several years ago when she shared Hurricane Faye at a writing workshop. I was just beginning this journey to connect with my body and her poem struck a deep chord. It made me cry. I loved it so much that I asked her to submit it to Story Circle Network's annual anthology True Words from Real Women, 2008. I was editor that year with my dear friend and fellow writer Becca Taylor.

What resonated most was the line, "My body is my own." I was feeling so bad about myself and my body. So unloved, so rejected, and so disconnected. That wild hurricane, her oneness with it, the peace of laying claim to her own body made me aware of what I didn't have and what I both want and need. It is a long journey from living and being mostly for someone else to recognizing and honoring myself. To knowing my own beauty and value. To claiming my own power. It is not an easy journey. It is not quick. It is not finished. But words like these heal and encourage and inspire.

When ever a storm rolls through Ohio, accompanied by thunder and lightning and wind, I remember this poem. And I take time to connect with my own storm body, to appreciate who I am and who I am becoming.


  1. Just discovered your blog on Linda Hoye's Slice of Writing blog -- wonderful stuff! I'll be turning 60 next month. Although I've been blogging since late 2003, I particularly want to "blog the decade" between 60 and 70 and am hopeful of sharing the experience with others, too. May I join your journey? :)

  2. Elizabeth I clicked over to your profile and you are so sassy! I'm sure you are going to take on this next decade with zest. I appreciate your kind words and hope you will become a follower and join the journey! We're going to have so much to share.