Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Deer

I got home kind of late from a basketball game and after parking in the garage and leashing the two Yorkies opened the front door to take them out. On my front lawn was a large deer! I live on a cul-de-sac in the suburbs and I sometimes see deer in a nearby open field during early morning or twilight walks. But this one was in my yard only twenty or so feet from my front door. I think the deer and I were both startled. After the briefest of moments she suddenly bolted away. It was thrilling. I felt my heart expand with pleasure and gratitude. The dogs bounced out and sniffed the ground a bit but seemed unimpressed. 

By the next morning I began to wonder if it really happened. When the dogs and I went on our first walk of the day I looked in the snow and found deer tracks. In a few I could clearly see the hoof marks.

A perfect hoof print

Later I walked through my back yard where there are a number of bushes and found more tracks.

Grazing tracks

 How I wish I had a young enough child to show them to and suggest the possibility of Santa’s reindeer doing a practice run for Christmas! The deer, the snow, the moonlight, and the tracks… an early Christmas gift from nature. 

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