Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Full Bloom

These spectacular tulips greeted me at the corner of Riverside Drive and Monument Avenue at Riverscape Metro Park in Dayton, Ohio. I was stopped in my tracks by their gorgeous full blown beauty.

Our culture is obsessed with peak beauty, youthful beauty. We hear the phrase "past its peak," the implication being that the most beautiful moment has passed. 

But is that true? Take a closer look.

More is visible when the tulips are fully open. We can see and appreciate what's inside.

What if we begin to look at one another that way? Recognize that a mature woman allows us to see beyond the perfection of youth. There are few things more attractive than a woman fully present in her body, fully aware of her power and creativity.

Let's go forward today and look for those women. When you see one, share that smile, that look, that glance, that says I see you and you are gorgeously in full bloom.


  1. A wonderful perspective Jude.

  2. I love your analogy, Jude! It reminds me of a friend I had who prided her ability to keep cut flowers alive in vases for long periods of time. One day when I visited she had a vase filled with wide open flowers. When I commented on their beauty she replied proudly, "They used to be tulips!" To extend the analogy, I guess you could say that we used to be girls! And now we're women.

  3. Thanks Barb, it has taken quite some time to live this perspective and it feels good! Samantha, I love your story about your friend and her tulips. I am so glad to be a woman now. Bloom on beautiful sisters!