Thursday, March 3, 2011

At 60 - Find Your Way

In December 2009, while shopping at a lovely artist's boutique at the DVAC Gallery for Christmas gifts for my creative kindred spirits, I discovered the fused glass jewelry of Diane Zubrick and fell in love with this pendant and bought it for myself. I've since worn it quite often.  I love the idea of having a travel permit, or passport, entitling me to a creative journey. 

Last week my friend, Jewels, noticed it and asked to take a closer look. She handed it back to me casually mentioning how appropriate it is that the  return fare is 60, as in Sensuously Sixty, and the final words are, "Find your way." I never put that together. Here I am, at sixty, finding my way. Perfect.


  1. I love that the creative journey art class is 4d. As in forty!!! Get it?
    This necklace has multi layers of meaning. I love it!!!

  2. That is so neat. The universe does line up to tell us when we're moving in the right direction. Or, as we Quakers say, the way opens.

  3. Julie, you have such a good eye, and ear! Thanks for the additional insight.

  4. Lori, the way opens indeed. It's been a long struggle for me but I'm beginning to find some moments of peace.